Geothermiki S.A. offers three different solutions, from the simplest to the most demanding. The frame of the units is made of steel, which is covered with zinc coating under high temperature, providing high protection against corrosion. The certified constructions are available at the widths of 8, 12 and 14 meters, depending on the requirements and the specific needs of the farmer.

Pursuant to the Ministerial Decision 5888 of 03/02/2004 on the construction and installation of poultry houses with greenhouse skeleton or movable poultry houses, the types of which have the approval of the Agricultural Control Center or other body designated by the Ministry of Agriculture, building permit.

The construction of any poultry facilities according to the health and zootechnical requirements, must meet the modern methods of poultry farming and its’ development. Also, it has to ensure safety of public health and the environment in general.

Our experience, reliability and quality guarantees the most excellent result in the construction of permanent buildings for a poultry business, in accordance to the building regulations, set by the law.

The poultry units are adaptable to any purpose (reproduction, hatcheries, egg production). They have automates management systems and the energy efficient systems. In this way, the farmer ensures maximum productivity at the minimum cost.

Each building is designed with detailed accuracy to meet the specific requirements of each project.

In addition, our customers can rely on the long – time experience of our customer service department, during the operation of their poultry farms. We stand by the farmer, offering the most modern and economical solutions for every need.