The metal constructions are the most common choice in the large building projects. The steel is the basic material of the metal buildings, as the seismic resistance and the architectural flexibility are its key advantages. Thanks to its great durability and its light weight, steel frame buildings are more economical, compares to structures made of concrete.

Geothermiki S.A. with decades of experience in construction of industrial sites suggests customized solutions for your needs. With its highly trained and experienced staff, with consistency in the work and the delivery times, it provides solutions for constructions and the metal buildings of any size, type and use, such as industrial buildings, cold storage, mezzanines, stairs, metal and composite multi – storey buildings.

The growing demand for warehousing and logistics management creates the need for modern building requirements. These must serve the needs for economic, fast and safe construction, easy scalability and in height storage.

Geothermiki S.A. proposes convenient, stable and durable constructions with great installation flexibility made of a metal supporting frame and combined with covering materials. The metal buildings with polyamide fabric covers are becoming the most common applications in the field of logistics, the movement of goods, the housing of sporting events and in many other areas. The advantage of such a building is its competitive price and the ability to avoid a number of bureaucratic procedures and additional fees for the building license. Geothermiki provides the solution to every need!

In order to encounter all weather conditions, Geothermiki S.A. offers to its customers metal parking shades (parking cars, boats, etc.) with airfoils for the input – output of the wind. They are made of galvanized metal and coated by polyamide fabrics, with the appropriate grade of the roof. They are manufactured with the latest technology, enabling immediate and full assembly at any place. Our aim is to protect your investment with an excellent design.