Tunnel Type

Ideal for a wide variety of cultivations, tunnel type greenhouses offer reliable temperature control, effective ventilation and protection from extreme weather. The GEO type is the simplest and less expensive greenhouse suggestion. Made of hot – dipped steel or by the hot Sendzimir method is available in three sizes.

GEOM is an innovative modified tunnel – type greenhouse with vertical pillars. Thanks to the integrated system of natural ventilation both sides and the ventilation of the ridge the GEOM greenhouse is an ideal choice for every producer. Available in 5 different widths.

Typewidth (m)height (m)Cultivation height (m)Length of main structure (m)Diameter of main pipe
GEO 6062.52.0-2.5φ60
GEO 80842.52.0-2.5φ60
GEO 90942.52.0-2.5φ60



TypeWidth (m)Height (m)Cultivation height (m)Length of main structure (m)Diameter of main pipe
GEO M 70742.6-3.01.5-2.5φ60
GEO M 80842.6-3.01.5-2.5φ60
GEO M 9094.231.5-2.5φ60
GEO M 9.6G9.64.431.5-2.5φ60
GEO M 100G104.431.5-2.5φ60


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